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        MSN:mzsharts@live.cn 中文 / ENGLISH
        • Rattan
        • Iron
        • Hemp
        • Lights Decorations
        • Color thread / Color cotton thread
        • Plastic
        Our Service Advantages
        We just want to do things conscientiously and honestly
        Source Manufacturer
        To Customize
        In Depth Certification
        Quality Assurance
        30 Years of Technology
        Meizhou Shenghua Arts & Crafts Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, is located in Shuikou Town, XingningCity ,Meizhou,Guangdong Province, a registered capital of 1.5 million, plant area covers 6000 square meters, is a private enterprises mainly major in the production and operation of Arts & Crafts products. Products are export-oriented, are exported to the Americas, Europe, Asia and other countries in the world. The current annual output value is more than 50,000.... See More>>
        Tel: 0753-3753991
        Fax: 0753-3753929
        Address: 33 Zhongshan street Shuikou Town Xingning City Guangdong Province
        Name: Meizhou Shenghua Arts & Crafts Products Co. Ltd.
        Postcode: 514587
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